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eagle: Me at the Adobe in Yachats, Oregon (Adobe)

eagle's Journal

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Created on 2009-04-10 23:48:29 (#33002), last updated 2009-05-01 (520 weeks ago)

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If I bought you a paid account: it's purely a gift, no implications or obligations implied, and there's no need to grant access or anything of the sort. I probably used the random active user button and had no idea where the gift went. I have a seed account and am a strong supporter of Dreamwidth with, at the moment, more money than time. Buying paid time for other people is my primary way of giving more money to Dreamwidth to help support the site. You need not feel guilty if you won't use any paid features; the money went to Dreamwidth, and that was my goal. If you're delighted and really want to do something in return, pay the gift forward by doing something neat for someone else.

I'm a security engineer for Dropbox. I'm also a Debian Developer and member of the Debian Technical Committee, an occasional Kerberos developer, and involved in numerous free software projects. Free software development and large-scale systems administration (with a focus on security) is both my job and my primary hobby.

I currently maintain my journal (syndicated here as [syndicated profile] eaglespath_feed) with my own software and will probably continue to do so, but I'm considering double-posting entries here if I work out a good way to do it automatically.

I'm unlikely to make friends-locked posts and therefore access settings are fairly random (since there's nothing to have access to).

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